Girlfriends foot stink

I call up my girlfriend it was a Saturday night I was bored, what else could I do? But it was a mistake (not really)…the first thing out of her mouth was want to play truths? I said yeah sure no problem she started are you in love with me "yes" I said I asked her, would you give me a blow "yes" she said she then asked do you have any fetishes? I said I love feet she started to laugh and said I now have that recorded and I will tell the whole school if you don't come round to my house tomorrow. I could have sworn she said something about slave to me just before she hung up. That night I was so scared I could not sleep what was she going to do to me? Finally the next day came, I went straight to her house and knocked on the door. She answered the door wearing thigh high leather boots and nothing else and holding a ball gag and some rope she grabbed me and tied my arms behind my back and tied my legs she brought me to the TV room and said listen Matthew your going to be my slave and do whatever I say, got it slave!!! Or I’m going to let the whole school hear your confession about having a foot fetish. UNDERSTOOD? Yes mistress she then shoved the gag in my mouth and laughed. Now your going to suffer, you like feet right? Yes...well mine might be just what you had in mind.

My girlfriend is my mistress I’m her smelly foot slave, she got up and left me with the choice of licking her toe jam or eating and smelling her ass, she came back and said well slave I was speechless she decided to force me to opened my mouth and shoved her toes in, my tongue cleaned her toe jam I couldn’t stop it I was trying to scream but it only made it worse I had to taste her feet and the other foot was over my nose so I had to smell the foot order I laid there for 10 minutes licking her stinky feet and I hated it she then kicked me and took her feet away and laughed she put her nylons over my head and bent me over and tied me up she walked out of the room and came back with a dildo I started to scream no, no please babe no she said I’m not your babe I’m your mistress slave she opened my ass cheeks and BAM no lube what so ever she shoved her 12 inch rubber cock up my ass I screamed out and she pumped my ass and I started to get a hard on she laughed and commented ha, does my little slave sissy like my big cock? well take it take it up your little ass, I came like I never had before, right over me and into her face and in her mouth and everywhere. She did not like this so since it was the weekend she made me sleep over and put me on her table and fucked me with all her dildos. Then I sucked her off, then I put her to sleep by sucking all of her toes before I fell a sleep she hogtied me and put a but plug in my ass and I dildo in my mouth so I had every hole filled my torture had just began.

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