Ashleys very smelly feet

I've always enjoyed pretty womens feet. I especially love the smell. The girls I've been with, however, didn't have very smelly feet. All have been very beautiful, with soft, pretty and well pedicured feet. One girl only produced a very faint foot scent, and only if she wore shoes all day long. Another didn't have any at all; she could wear sneakers without socks for a few days and all you would smell would be the material of her shoe.

Others had a stronger scent, but I still found them underwhelming. Then I met my girlfriend of now two years, we'll call her Ashley. Ashley is 23, a petite brunette, with beautiful blue eyes, and a fit tan figure. Nice handful sized breasts, and flawless, size 5, absolutely baby soft little feet. She usually has dark painted toenails, and her feet have never once had a callus or imperfection. When I first revealed my foot fetish, she was a bit shy about her feet, but willing to explore. She has the smallest feet I've encountered, and probably the prettiest, but nonetheless she was self-conscious of them at first. After a while, she grew comfortable. But I had only played with them right after she washed them. So I then revealed that not only do I love womens feet, but their smell to. Again she was a bit self-conscious, but willing.

The first day I was going to play with her feet without her washing them first she had worn her sneakers and socks for a couple of hours out shopping with friends. I wasn't expecting much, honestly, her cute girlish stature and feet so small, soft and perfect looking led me to believe I'd take off her shoes and socks to find her feet completely odorless. I was quite wrong; her feet had a very nice and noticeable scent, probably equally as strong as the previous smelliest feet I'd experienced. However, that girl had worn sneakers without socks for two days, not sneakers and socks for a couple hours.

After this I couldn't wait to find out just how smelly her feet could get. After experience the scent from a few hours in sneakers and socks, I wondered what a day in flats would be like, or right after a workout?

After some reassurance, I got my chance to find out. A few days later, she agreed to wear sneakers, with no socks all day long. She had her morning jog in them before I picked her up that day, we then spent the day a theme park riding roller coasters, and it was in the mid 90 degrees fahrenheit, so I knew her feet were getting nice and sweaty with no socks on. Anyway after going to see a movie after the theme park, we headed to my place. By this point it was 9:30 in the evening, and she had been wearing her sockless sneakers for over 13 hours.

She then went and had a good hard 35-minute workout on my elliptical machine. Then she came back upstairs, and it was time. I couldn't wait to take off her shoes. I asked her to lay back on the couch, her ankles on the arm rest.

I slipped off her left shoe and noticed how nice her sole looked. The outside, heel and ball of her foot was a pinkish red color from being hot and sweating in the shoe so long, while her arch contrasted this with a lighter color. I also noticed the scent right away. It was very strong and noticeable, even though I hadn't yet put her foot on my face. I don't agree with descriptions of girls feet as smelling like vinegar, I wouldn't use a food comparison to describe them really, because there isn't anything quite like it, but I suppose the closest would be a combination of popcorn, salty french fries and corn chips. And I've found a womans feet to always have a feminine scent, like you just KNOW that you're smelling a womans feet, even if you had your eyes closed. I couldn't wait to bury my nose in between her sweaty little toes and experience the full force of her foot scent, but I wanted to build up to that, and tease myself.

I first ran my hands over her sole, it was very warm, and damp and sticky with sweat. I've always like comparing my hand to her foot, if I have the tip of my middle finger at the end of her big toe, the bottom of my hand is equal with her heel.

Then I brought her foot up to my face, and licked slowly from her heel, up her arch, and over her big toe. The taste was slightly salty, and with my nose this close her intense foot smell filled my nostrils.

I licked up the other side, to make sure I'd covered every inch of her sole. Then I turned my attention to her toes, which were painted a very dark red that day. I sucked her big toe, then spread it away from the other, running my tongue in the crevasse between. I repeated this, licking between each toe on her left foot.

During all this she had been trying her best not to giggle; she's very ticklish. She asked if I was enjoying it, if they were too smelly, if she should wash them etc. Again I reassured her, then turned my attention to her still shod right foot.

I wanted to really enjoy the strong scent she had worked so hard to produce for me, so I slipped off her shoe, revealing her right foot to be just as hot and sweaty as it's twin. With just a seconds pause of anticipation to admire the feminine beauty of her soft, curvy foot, I spread her toes apart, and buried my nose between her big toe and first toe, pressing it hard into the skin between her toes. I emptied my lungs and closed my mouth, then inhaled deeply. The scent that was strong from a few feet away was amazing like this. It was so amazing, a wonderfully sexy, feminine, unbelievably strong, impossibly intense scent that made my sinuses tingle, my eyes almost water and my cock become rock hard.

I sniffed between each of her toes, savoring the scent. Had someone told me before meeting Ashley that there were women who could get their feet THIS smelly, I don't think I would've believed it.

Finally after sniffing and licking both her feet for quite a while, I undressed the rest of her, and we had great, passionate sex. When I went down the hall to get a condom, I noticed on the way back that I could smell her feet from about 10 feet away. Amazing. Later her perfect tight pussy conspired with her toes. I shot one of my biggest loads deep in her pussy, with her intensely smelly feet on my face.

Ashley now gets her feet nice and smelly for me on a regular basis. Recently she even suggested that she could wrap her feet in plastic, to seal in the scent, and wear them in her sneakers for a day or two. Honestly, with as smelly as she can get them in her sneakers, I can't imagine how it'd be after being wrapped in plastic lol. Don't know if I could handle it, but I'll give it a try.

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