The Cheerleader foot worship

I am not most popular kid in school but I am friends with all of the varsity cheerleaders. There is a group of them that are better than everyone they are Kim, Sarah, Ashlee, Carrie, and Sammy. Everyon in the school wants to be like them. Me having a foot fetish love there feet I would masturbate to the thought of there feet every night.

So I would sleep over there house every so often with a bunch of other guys. The one time I was in Carries room alone and saw an old pair of flats laying in the garbage. I grabed them and put them in my car. Over all of these sleep overs I have collected many shoes, pantyhose, and socks. My favorite was a pair of black heels I stole from Kim. I would smell them everynight and masturbate.

The one night I got a call from Ashlee saying that they wanted to come over for a little bit. About twenty min later they were here. I show them up to my room where they make theme selves at home. Ashlee is broswing through my room and opens a top shelf of my closet. I hear "O My God girls look at this." She pulls out a couple pairs of pantyhose. They all start laughing and ask me what they are for. As I blush I say "they are my girlfriends". Then she finds the shoes and says "Guess these are your girlfriends to huh?" Just as i was about to speak Kim interupts me "You little... These are my heels that i lost about 3 weeks ago." I was trying to explain but i just cracked and told them about my foot fetish and showed them everything. They all got quiet and huddled up.

Next thing i know i have pantyhose wrapped around my neck choking me. It was Sammy. She tied me down to my bed and stuck a pair of her worn socks in my mouth and said "Shut up bitch" I cant move or talk now im in trouble. They take turns forcing me to smell there feet and smacking my in the face with there flats that they where wearing.fianly sammy took her sock out of my mouth but only to have put her feet in my mouth and said "Clean bitch clean them now." Each girl got there feet cleaned and there shoes as well. Sarah went first she had on black flats no socks they were smelly. Sammy was next she had on a pair ot white flats wich took a long time to clean but i got the job done. Then came ashlee who had on a pair of yellow heels she made me suck the heel for at least 15 min. Next the ring leader carrie she had on black heels with black pantyhose. I spent a while cleaning them because i wanted to please her. Finaly kims turn came she sat down on my chest put her heels up to my face and made me beg to suck her heel and clean them. I didnt at first so she grabbed my balls and squeezed and threatened to make it worse. I started begging while Carrie video taped. " Please please Kim let me suck your heel i want to clean your feet and shoes for you because you deserve to walk on clean heels I am sorry for stealing all of your girls belonging but I am just in love with your.." Kim cuts me off with shoving her heel in my mouth " Love what my feet yea we know you pathetic little Bitch we were able to tell the way you didnt complain to do anything we asked and how you stole all of our stuff."

They all got up Kim took her heels back Sammy put a pantyhose in my mouth tied one of Carries old flats to my nose and left me there while they went to go eat. Kim said "If you ever see me wearing these in school you have to get down and kiss them Bitch ans tell everyone that walks by that you are my foot Bitch." As they walked out my door Ashlee said dont go anywhere we will be back and Carrie laughs and says o wait he cant. They all walk out of my room laughing.

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