My Foot Fetish Story

Note this story contains: Lesbians, Bisexual Girls, Footjobs, Blowjobs, Handjobs, etc.


The two girls, Sara and Amy, were sitting on the couch at the party. They had finally graduated high school and were spending time with their friends. Everyone except them had a little too much to drink and were a little crazy. They decided to go into the back room to chill.

This was Amy’s chance, she’d been bisexual forever. She also had a foot fetish and Sara’s size 6 feet and small black painted toes were enough to send her into an orgasm. Sara’s body was also extremely beautiful and her tanned legs also showed. Amy and Sara sat on a bed and talked.

Then Sara said her feet hurt from wearing heels all the time and Amy took the chance and she gave her a massage. A terrific odor came from them that turned Amy on. She kept rubbing Sara’s tanned feet and inhaling their smell. Sara moaned in pleasure, “Ahhh, that feels so good. Damn, I wish that douchebag Todd would do this.”

“Hey, what are friends for?” Amy said, totally stunned by her beautiful toes and feet and the odor. Amy could not resist anymore and slid her toes in her mouth. She licked and sucked while semiconscious Sara sat back unaware of what was really happening. Amy fingered her wet swollen clit until she came and Sara was asleep.

Then Amy slid her panties up and licked and fingered her pussy. She came and Amy licked her juices up. Then Sara woke up.


Amy then got up embarrassed.

Sara furious slammed Amy into the headboard. She tied her up and left her there.

“Sara, I’m sorry. I could not help myself.”

But Sara instead went down on Amy’s feet. Amy had white colored toes. Amy knew her feet stunk really bad, but Sara said nothing. Amy fingered herself until she came again. Sara was really enjoying her toes. Then they both placed their feet in each other’s face and sucked all night long and rubbed clits together, cumming multiple times.


Sara and Amy had spent much fucking time together after that. Todd had been going over Sara’s house to hang out when they were in the middle of an intense foot fucking session.


“Todd, I can explain,” Sara pleaded.

“NO, THERE’S NO EXPLAINING. You can’t have a foot fetish party without inviting me.”

That’s weird.

Todd then sucked on Sara’s now French toes and Amy’s green toes. He stroked his cock while doing so. Amy then stroked his dick with her feet. “I saw this on a foot fetish website.”

Todd moaned.

They did that same thing for a few minutes until Todd was placed on the floor and he received a double footjob. Sara and Amy kissed each other while doing so. Then Todd ate Amy out while she sucked Sara’s toes and pussy. Then Todd penetrated Amy and he fucked her while she fucked Sara. Her fresh pussy was tight and gave Todd lots of pleasure. He was closed to cumming, but forgot his condoms so he had to take out and they gave him a footjob together until he came. Then they cleaned each other’s toes and stroked his sensitive penis and removed the remaining cum as he moaned in pleasure. Todd left satisfied.

Sara and Amy went into the shower and sucked toes, pussy, aand tits, and even had a strap-on together.


Sara and Amy were hanging out in their college dorm when their roommate Alicia came in. She was so secretive. She never showered with the other girls and always wore clothes that hid her body. She had an amazing body though and had incredible feet.

Her toes were light blue all the time. Amy’s toes happened to be pink and Sara’s toes happened to be black again.

One time when Alicia was showering late at night Amy and Sara went into the bathroom. They were going to fuck in there but did not know Alicia was in there. Alicia was getting out of the shower when they opened the door.

Then they were shocked. Alicia has a cock. And it was big as hell.

Alicia wrapped a towel around her and quickly tied the girls up hands feet and mouth.

“Don’t say anything please!”


“Why should I believe you?”

Sara ripped out of her bonds and got on her knees and sucked Alicia’s cock. Alicia moaned loudly. Sara removed Amy’s bonds and they both began to suck her cock.

“Guys, I have a confession,” Alicia said.


“I have a foot fetish and wanna suck your toes.”

Amy and Sara sat on the toilet while Alicia sucked their toes. Sara gave her a footjob and she moaned loudly. Amy smothered her with her delicious toes and Alicia moaned loudly. Sara sucked again with powerful strokes and Alicia could not take anymore. “I’m cumming!”

Sara and Amy placed their feet by her cock and she came long and strong over there toes. They licked the cum clean and sucked her beautiful blue toes.

Alicia could still last though.

She put her cock inside Sara and sucked her toes while Amy fed Sara her toes and fingered herself. They all came together at the same time after a while and licked the cum off Sara’s body. Then they were done.