Foot fetish Stories - Teacher' s Toes

This happened when I was 19 years old. I studied science and technologies. It was a Friday afternoon and my last class was 135 of Biology. My Biology teacher was a skinny blonde, size 9 wearing beautiful 30 year old woman. Every boy in the school dreamed to someday have sex with her, while knowing that it would never happen. I have a foot fetish ever since I can remember; I always loved big woman feet, size 8 minimum. And while I had never seen my Biology teacher’s feet, at least without her boots on, I dreamt awake about worshiping them every day and night, it was my favorite fantasy. And go figure…

That day, as the class ended and she told us our homework, she told me to help her with something. As I cleaned the blackboard, she locked the door and I was getting nervous and stressed because I also had to catch the bus. And I asked myself millions of times why she locked us in the classroom? Then she spoke…

- “Look, Edward, I called your mother and I asked her to come pick you up later, because I’d be giving you some help with Biology. I know you have been quite..distracted lately. I noticed where you’ve been looking at…”
I turned around and took a look at her as she was laying herself back on her desk.

- “I haven’t been distracted!...”
- “My boots, huh? Do they turn you on, little Ed?”

I was terrified, how could she know? My mother was going to find out about all of this… I thought I was doomed. She walked slowly toward me as I tried to walk backwards until I hit the wall, what now?…
- “Yeah I found out your little secret…”
- “What?.. Uhh, I don’t know… I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

She got closer to me until her chest hit mine, I could feel her tits on my chest… But the problem was when I found out she could feel my rock-hard cock against her vagina… She looked shocked! Her mouth was open wide, and then she smirked…
- “Seems like this is turning you on as well, huh?”
- “Wh.. What?”
- “Stop acting like that…”
- “Acti…Like what?”

- “Stop pretending that you don’t know what I’m talking about. Now if your Biology grade means anything to you, listen and obey to what I tell you…”

I couldn’t say no. First because I needed a halfway decent Biology mark, man, I sucked at Biology, and second because it was my freaking dream coming true. She grabbed a chair and put it in front of me, then sat me on it.
- “Let’s play a game. Every piece of clothes I strip you of, you strip me of next…”
She did what I so wanted her to do… She started unlacing my sneakers. I didn’t care about mine, but I cared about hers, and you can’t even imagine how much. She took both of them off, and then put her left foot right between my legs, on the chair… I started unzipping them, dying to take a glimpse at her size 9 feet… And then I did… As I took her beige leather boot off, I saw her naked foot, and it was so perfect, I almost couldn’t resist, so she took it away in the right time… And then put her right foot where the other had been as I threw her left boot away and started unzipping the right…
- “Like this it’s a bit boring…”
- “What is boring?”
- “Just do what I tell you, alright?”

I nodded… And threw away the other boot, she got herself a chair and sat right in front of me, she stuck the foot right in front of my nose… I was so excited, so fucking horny, I couldn’t believe it was happening to me!

- “Do everything you dreamt about doing with my feet, and then I will repay you…”
Repay me? I should be repaying HER! But I didn’t mind at all… I grabbed her foot and licked it all from the heel to the toes, then sucked on her toes violently, and she moaned and groaned. I opened my eyes to see my own teacher rubbing her pussy inside those tight jeans of hers…
- “Oh… OH… I’m loving this so much!... Keep going… Keep going!”
I grabbed her other foot, which was a bit dirty from being on the floor but I didn’t mind at all, quite the opposite. I kissed and smelled it all before I started licking her soles and sucking on her toes like there was no tomorrow… It was the best day of my life…
- “Oh my God… Take your jeans off…”
I got up and took my jeans off, and my socks. And she was taking hers as I helped her and stripped her right off… Then her shirt… And she took mine, than I sat back on the chair and she started rubbing her foot against my cock…

- “It’s so fucking hard… So good…”

She started giving me a footjob, can you believe it? She took my boxers off with her feet and then jacked me off with both her soles until I came on them… That made her maybe a little bit too horny, she grabbed her foot and started licking it off…
- “Fuck me, Edward… FUCK ME!!!”
I jumped on her and stripped her bra off and sucked and licked her tits as I rubbed her pussy inside her panties… Then I started kissing her belly as I went down…
- “Stop with all that shit! Just fuck me now… Just fuck me!!”

I almost ripped her panties off and started sucking on her pussy as hard and good as I could. I liked it all inside out and she came on my mouth, it felt so good! I went back to her feet as I licked them and sucked on them and kissed them, I almost didn’t know what to do with them! I sucked on her arches and on her big toe… It was the best! Then I lied on the floor as she threw me down, and started sucking my cock as hard as she could! Then she sat on top of it and she moaned loudly as fuck… I have no idea how we weren’t caught that day… She was going up and down, up and down on me. I fucked her like nobody ever fucked anyone… It was simply magnificent. No words can define it… It was just way too fucking good… I came inside her mouth and on her feet after that… And every Friday I stayed late with her and repeated….