Foot fetish with girlfriend - The new boots

What does one do when one is scary on foot fetish, own girlfriend thereof but so wants nothing about it know? I do not know what other people recommend in such a situation - but I have so my personal knitting it, I have decided to use me tedious. And he also works to take the thing first.

know your yes - women often have a rather ambivalent relationship shoes. On the one hand they love shoes and get them never enough. Also four pairs of black pumps, three pairs of red sandals and five pairs of different boots are not enough for them. You squeeze her feet into shoes that are too small or they do not fit properly, simply because they believe that the shoes are chic. On the other hand one must them as a man merely not come as shoe fetish with something so indecent. If even shoe fetish, then only on the part of women. And as well as an excuse to always be able to buy new shoes, and by no means as of erotic reasons.

And fetish, since it is now really yuck. Most women find their feet ugly. What unfortunately in many women also applies; but there are enough women who have really nice feet, and my friend is one of them. In addition, women often fear that their feet might smell. If they knew how horny a real foot fetishist just find this foot odor! But they tried the time to explain! Somewhere is there an inhibition threshold that causes female feet simply can not play a role in the erotic.

But I have as it were beaten my girlfriend at their own game. It all started with the fact that I went shopping with her shoes. Of course, it has the same selected a pair to try on, in which I have already hurt from looking at his feet. It was really great boots, I have to say, but they ran forward too narrow and also had quite impossible high heels. Nothing against high heels; I love as well as most other men. As long as I do not even have to walk around it at least ...

My girlfriend had first of all totally forget you for chic shoes not necessarily attracts sports socks, as she had done it. I could only marvel that she had not thought to buy shoes that you put on nylons, where they so often hangs out in shoe stores! Anyway, they not only had to take off their sturdy boots in the business, but also their socks, and then they got out of the shop assistant a few stockings, right knee socks made of nylon, and had to put them on before she was allowed to slip into the boots. I noticed at once that you were the boots actually a bit narrow. She made a little face as she tentatively walked around it.

This is exactly what I had hoped. Now you had the boots so easy to take one size larger - but since women are intrinsically; of their shoe size, they do not depart from. My girlfriend 38 and is very proud of her little feet. When she questioningly at me and wanted to know what I was kept from these boots, I have her very persuaded and suggested that she keeps on the even equal. She was wearing jeans - to fit indeed boots. The nylons which tasting stockings, she was allowed to keep anyway because let do that well. So I bought her boots and got in a bag of her old boots and her socks into my hands.

Yes, and then I rushed my friend across town, looking for perfect Christmas for her family and for my and for a few good friends. At first they held out bravely, but eventually they began to limp a little, and the limp was getting worse. I had to pull myself not to grin. So far everything had gone according to plan. Of course, my friend was too proud to say anything. Above all, they had complained shortly before that I made no attempt to make her Christmas shopping. Since she could hardly refuse when I was exactly this now but ready.

After about three hours they probably went at least figuratively real cane. Den she had at her limp can also really good use! Now I finally relented and invited her to go back home. She agreed to so relieved that I but then a grin could not resist. Home everything went according to plan further. She limped through the door, into the living room, and threw himself on a chair, stretched, so to speak all fours. But at least her feet. Now it was for me to be fast.

In no time I was kneeling, even still winter coat, scarf and shoes, before the chair and helped her take off the new boots again. When I opened the zipper and it grazed the leather footwear of the feet, it flowed from a rather sharp smell; a mixture of new leather and the odor of sweaty feet. But she was so exhausted that her for once did not mind. I proved myself quite as cavalier, took her feet, still in nylons, in my lap and began to massage them very tender. She moaned with delight. That's just what I had you said many times when I nudged again towards fetish and foot worship that as a foot massage is something pleasant for them.

But it then took even a whole afternoon walking around in too small and new shoes, so she finally allowed me to massage her feet! Now, where it was finally so far, I really enjoyed the course to the fullest. My fingers were everywhere. On her heels on her instep, on the sole, toes. I kneaded everything thoroughly, and it seemed to do very well. As far was I really achieved what I had hoped for. But what happened then, I would have really can not imagine in my wildest dreams! After a while, when it again went my girlfriend better and their feet they probably did not hurt so bad, she wriggled properly with your feet around on my lap. It was not that I had the feeling that they want to leave, so I did the massage just continued.

Until then penetrated with their slides back and forth at once with his foot between my legs - and massaged my cock with the balls! The needed this massage not to stand; he had already done before. But rather it was me, of course, still; only to fairly even! My girlfriend had their fun at this footjob while I was still fully dressed. she had even more fun than it suddenly aroused the total me and I came - in my jeans. Since then, she suddenly discovered her preference for the foot fetish. You just have to know how to start it, then you get exactly what you want!