Foot fetish Stories - Jack learns

It was a hot summer day jack was upstairs playing on his xBox 360. "jack I'm gonna have some friends over to watch a movie so get off that thing!" yelled Rachel, jacks older sister "whatever." replied jack. He lost track of time and was still playing on the xBox when Rachel's friends came over. You see rachel is 17 and jack is 14 there parents are away at the Bahamas for there 20th anniversary Rachel is "baby sitting" jack for the week. "jack I told you to get off that thing!" spoke Rachel "ya whatever one second" replied jack. Rachel sat down on the couch and put her feet close to jacks face since he was sitting on the floor.

"God! Your feet smell like sh*t!" yelled jack. "oh sorry just came back from track practice." jacked turned off his xBox and walked away but he couldn't help saying "can't u at least watch your feet u f*ucking slut?" enraged Rachel screamed "what did you just call me?!" jack just replied with a laugh and walked away. Rachel cooled down and started the movie. "are you gonna let that b*tch get away with that?" asked Haley, Rachel's friend. "what do you want me to do?" asked Rachel "I know force him to smell your feet!" spoke Jessica Rachel's other friend. "how?" asked Rachel, pleased with that thought of getting back at jack. The girls huddled up and whispered there plans to each other. Downstairs jack was grabbing some juice out of the refrigerator when all of a sudden Rachel kicked him right in the nuts he doubled over in pain and Jessica and Haley tied his hands and feet up with some twine they found in utility room.

"what the f*ck are you doing?" yelled jack "do you ever want a girlfriend?" asked Rachel "ya?? So?" replied jack "then I'll teach you how to treat girls with some respect!" she had his legs tied too one chair which she was sitting on and his hands were tied to the table she pulled her foot out of her well worn sneaker and put it on his nose jack immediately turned he's head away in disgust "hand me some tape." asked Rachel. She put it on his mouth forcing him to breath trough his nose. he still turned his however so Jessica and Haley sat on both sides of him and pushed there boots into the side of his head keeping his head up. The smell was horrible, the cheesy aroma entered his nose and this was just the beginning. He fought hard to turn but his week attempts were stopped by Jessica and Haley pressing his head right into his sisters feet.

Ten minutes later Rachel took her socks off and put her warm moist feet unto his nose the warm air from his nose made her feet sweat and smell even worse. She made him smell under her red toenails where her feet smelled the worse. She used his face to wipe the dirt, lint and sweat off her feet. She took her feet off his face and he was very happy to be able to smell clean air again but to his horror Jessica got up and placed her worn socked feet on his face and once again he smelled her feet for about 15 minutes. She made him smell her bare foot then grabbed both off her moist socks and took of the tape, before he could say anything she stuck her socks into his mouth and put the tape back on. Clumps on lint and toe jam made there way down his throat and sweat that tasted like vinegar trickled down his throat as well.

After about 5 for minutes of smelling her feet again she got off and Haley got on she had been wearing her leather boots with thick woolen socks for about one week straight! She took her socks off and place her wrinkled toes unto his nose. It smelled horrible way worse than the other feet. He face was slimy with the sweat that dripped of her feet unto his face. After 20 minutes she got off and he thought finally it's over she walled over to him and took his tape off. "you are so f*cked" he screamed. "we will see." replied Rachel she sat on the set and said "remember you told me to wash my feet?" "um ya?" "well u can do it for me lick my feet till they have no sweat and smell fine." "f*ck no!" "ok we will see who wins." She got off the chair and put one foot on his chest and slowly got up he yelled in pain. She got back unto her chair and he started licking, it tasted like vinegar and salty water. He was about to spit when he sister screamed "if u spit anything out I'll kick you so hard in the nuts you will be hurting for months." horrified, he swallowed the sweat,dead skin and toe jam.

It tasted horrible but for the next hour he licked all the girls feet until they were spotless and had nothing left on them. She then grabbed his laptop and went unto his Facebook and told him " one word of this to mom and I'll put the whole video and pictures of what you did to show all your friends." he nodded. The girls left him there lying on the floor for a few hours until someone was at the door it turned out to be the girls cheerleading team! "oh sh*t I forget they they were doing an all-nighter." the girls came into the kitchen lying on the floor tied up. The girls giggled at him and asked Rachel what he was doing to jack. She told them the whole story and asked them if they wanted to have there feet worshiped. Jack looked over and could only say to his horror and shock that one of the cheerleaders younger sister was there the same girl he had asked out last weekend. She looked at him and just giggled. He could feel his face blushing red. Her name was Lydia... 

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