Yoogirls Foot Domination


A footjob story

"Damn it!" Swore Joyce. The fair-haired girl, who was almost six feet tall, had lost in poker. She had put everything on one card. Actually she was very shy, but when she had had a drink she would go out of her mind. But this time she had gone a little too far. Joyce was faced with the choice of surrendering her almost new, expensive boots on the spot or putting two hundred and seventy euros in cash on the table. There was only some change in her pocket.

Without losing much time, the almost thirty-year-old slipped out of her leather boots and slammed them on the table. She now stood barefoot and alone in the snow. The cold was just bearable. Now her refusal to wear socks was taking revenge. Joyce just tried to stand on her instep and bend her toes. Her toe ring and pale nails glistened in the white snow. Standing in the snow with the full length of the sole with shoe size 42 would have been fatal. She quickly texted her best friend and bravely stomped off. She left her footprints visible in the fresh snow of the night. "Tell me, are you stupid?" She suddenly heard the voice of her friend Jess behind her. “You actually run barefoot through the snow! I could have picked you up right there and not three blocks away, "scolded Jess, stunned. “Quick, get in. “Joyce put her feet in the warm car and held her ice cold, reddened toes right in front of the heater's vent.

"That's good," she sighed in a shaky voice. “Thank you for being there for me. Let's go to the shared apartment, I urgently need a shower. “Her long toes hurt the most as they slowly thawed. She was very angry that she had lost her boots. She had to get it back. Still barefoot, she ran up the ice-cold stairs to the apartment. She gave Jess a grateful squeeze and jumped into the shower. After that, her good mood was back immediately. “Let's have a drink. Have a shitty evening! ”Her roommate Henry joined them too. The three toasted with vodka and Joyce briefly told them what had happened.

Henry was a nice guy, younger than her, often grumpy, but above all tall, broad, and strong. Jess was tired and quickly moved to bed. Joyce sat on the coach in front of the television and put her legs up. Henry squeezed in next to her and grabbed the remote control. But instead of watching the program, he just looked at her bare feet on the couch table. The long toes fascinated him. She wore a wide, silver ring on her left big toe. Her narrow, straight toes were moving all the time. When she tucked her two feet together by the big toes, he asked her spontaneously if she would be happy about a foot massage. “Oh yes, would you do that? Otherwise all men will laugh at my 42 shoes. They only ever stand on cute little feet. Unfortunately I have to pass. “He was amazed. “There is only ugly or beautiful. Yours don't actually look as big as 42 because the overall proportions are right. They are really cute. Seriously!

 ”Joyce was flattered and held it out expectantly. He had never held such large women's feet in his hands before. They were gigantic - above all, gigantically awesome. They looked slim and well trained. Her lower instep was muscular, her inner sole wonderfully soft. Narrow Achilles tendon, round heels and those long, narrow toes with the short nails only covered in clear varnish. He would never find more beautiful specimens again, he was sure of that. They both drank a common vodka and were more than just drunk. He began to knead her wonderfully soft feet lovingly. She closed her eyes and began to moan softly. “I love foot massages. You only get something like that every few years. Just don't stop! ”For minutes she enjoyed these wonderful feelings. His heart was beating faster. Then he couldn't help but put her big toe in his mouth. Joyce groaned audibly. "If you get my boots back, you can do whatever you want with my feet here and now," she gave him the option. He looked into her blue-green eyes. "Also a footjob?" She nodded with a big smile. “Also a footjob. If you show me what that is. " Henry opened his pants without thinking, brought her legs into position and pushed his mighty cock between the infinitely long soles. If he wanted he could come immediately, so softly and tightly these dreamlike feet of the blonde girl enclosed him. Joyce protested. "What are you doing there please ?! It was not meant like that! You can't just unpack your latte and rub it on my feet!

”After a brief explanation from Henry, she gave the matter a second chance. He started again and she watched him rubbing his cock between her bare feet and let it happen, confused. He put all her toes together with his hands and penetrated his hard cock with her soft soles. The friction under her sensitive feet felt amazingly good to her. It was kind of a cool feeling to satisfy this huge cock in this way, as strange as the situation was for her. It aroused her unexpectedly. "A little perverted," she laughed. “You, Jess has handcuffs in her make-up box in the bathroom. We need something like that now ”, Joyce tiptoed out of the room and came back shortly afterwards with a big grin. She lay with her back on the coach and asked Henry to put it around her ankles.

“And now I want to see how you do it with my feet! I can't run away from you! ”Again he pushed his cock between the delicate, long soles and began to fuck her feet like he had never dreamed of. This situation with the tied legs and this hot cock made Joyce unexpectedly horny and she reached into her gray pajama bottoms to work on her clit while she felt its length under the soles of her feet. The bra-free nipples of her big tits visibly pierced her white tank top. Then Henry took his gray cotton scarf from his neck and tied one end tightly around the sole and instep of her left and then her right foot, pressed her two soles directly together and wrapped the scarf tightly around both feet.

The ten round toes were now lying directly on top of one another. It was precisely these uniquely long toes with shiny nails that he was after. "Yes, that's perfect," she looked up at him. “I think I like your bondage games. Blindfold me and then please continue with what you did with my feet. That felt so good. “She spread her willing toes towards him excitedly. He took Jess's brightly colored scarf hanging over the back of a chair and blindfolded Joyce. He couldn't help but lick these feet, which were still fruity from the shower gel. The tall blonde with the infinitely long legs groaned as he began to suck her big, ringed toe. “Do it to my feet!” She demanded. He gripped her chained legs tightly and put her toes against his plump cock. Joyce bent her big toes upwards so that they stimulated his glans on both sides and the smaller toes encircled the shaft. He steered her feet up and down, getting faster and faster. Joyce tickled pleasantly under her sensitive toes.

She braced herself against her cuffs and fingered herself with her hand in her pants. She rubbed her clit with her thumb and circled her back entrance with her middle finger. "Go on, it tingles so hot under your toes!" He gasped and continued to fuck the splayed big toes while her smaller toes pressed into his sensitive shaft. Joyce groaned louder and he increased the pace. Her long, flexible toes wrapped tightly around his big cock and made both feel happy. "Your toes are incredibly awesome," moaned Henry. That gave her the kick to finger herself to climax. The blonde girl also stuck the tip of her middle finger into her tight anus. "I'll be right back! Spray me on my innocent feet, please come now! It tingles so nicely in my toes! ”The friction on her sensitive feet felt like a parallel orgasm. It was such an amazingly awesome feeling to bring him to climax this way.

Henry grabbed her soles even tighter. He put his thumbs between her little toes and wanked himself to orgasm with her feet. With strong splashes he came between her big toes. Joyce gave a little twitch and pulled the blindfold off her head. "Yes, splash on my feet," she moaned. It felt wonderful how she saw the hot sperm run through the spaces between her toes. "I wish that again," Joyce looked at him languidly. He pumped his cock empty. No question about it, those feet were the jackpot. He undid the knot and freed her from the scarf. Then he rubbed his cock between her throbbing soles until it slowly got smaller. "Incredibly awesome, your 42s," he said. "Where are the keys?"She looked at him questioningly. “I don't know, damn it. How do we get the handcuffs open now? If Jess sees me like that! ”Henry first closed his pants, then took the blonde girl in his arms and carried her to her bed.

Joyce looked at him. Her heart was beating faster. She spontaneously pulled the toe ring from her big toe and gently pushed it onto his thumb. “Henry, my first footjob was beautiful. You're the first to tell me he liked my big feet. I want to enjoy more of it and I want to sleep with handcuffs and the hot slime on my bare feet tonight. “She gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek and put her hand back into her crotch. He promised that he would organize her boots back tomorrow and turned off her light with a pounding heart. He left the door ajar. Maybe he would want to come again tonight. Because from now on 42 was his new favorite number.


Foot fetish with girlfriend - The new boots

What does one do when one is scary on foot fetish, own girlfriend thereof but so wants nothing about it know? I do not know what other people recommend in such a situation - but I have so my personal knitting it, I have decided to use me tedious. And he also works to take the thing first.

know your yes - women often have a rather ambivalent relationship shoes. On the one hand they love shoes and get them never enough. Also four pairs of black pumps, three pairs of red sandals and five pairs of different boots are not enough for them. You squeeze her feet into shoes that are too small or they do not fit properly, simply because they believe that the shoes are chic. On the other hand one must them as a man merely not come as shoe fetish with something so indecent. If even shoe fetish, then only on the part of women. And as well as an excuse to always be able to buy new shoes, and by no means as of erotic reasons.

And fetish, since it is now really yuck. Most women find their feet ugly. What unfortunately in many women also applies; but there are enough women who have really nice feet, and my friend is one of them. In addition, women often fear that their feet might smell. If they knew how horny a real foot fetishist just find this foot odor! But they tried the time to explain! Somewhere is there an inhibition threshold that causes female feet simply can not play a role in the erotic.

But I have as it were beaten my girlfriend at their own game. It all started with the fact that I went shopping with her shoes. Of course, it has the same selected a pair to try on, in which I have already hurt from looking at his feet. It was really great boots, I have to say, but they ran forward too narrow and also had quite impossible high heels. Nothing against high heels; I love as well as most other men. As long as I do not even have to walk around it at least ...

My girlfriend had first of all totally forget you for chic shoes not necessarily attracts sports socks, as she had done it. I could only marvel that she had not thought to buy shoes that you put on nylons, where they so often hangs out in shoe stores! Anyway, they not only had to take off their sturdy boots in the business, but also their socks, and then they got out of the shop assistant a few stockings, right knee socks made of nylon, and had to put them on before she was allowed to slip into the boots. I noticed at once that you were the boots actually a bit narrow. She made a little face as she tentatively walked around it.

This is exactly what I had hoped. Now you had the boots so easy to take one size larger - but since women are intrinsically; of their shoe size, they do not depart from. My girlfriend 38 and is very proud of her little feet. When she questioningly at me and wanted to know what I was kept from these boots, I have her very persuaded and suggested that she keeps on the even equal. She was wearing jeans - to fit indeed boots. The nylons which tasting stockings, she was allowed to keep anyway because let do that well. So I bought her boots and got in a bag of her old boots and her socks into my hands.

Yes, and then I rushed my friend across town, looking for perfect Christmas for her family and for my and for a few good friends. At first they held out bravely, but eventually they began to limp a little, and the limp was getting worse. I had to pull myself not to grin. So far everything had gone according to plan. Of course, my friend was too proud to say anything. Above all, they had complained shortly before that I made no attempt to make her Christmas shopping. Since she could hardly refuse when I was exactly this now but ready.

After about three hours they probably went at least figuratively real cane. Den she had at her limp can also really good use! Now I finally relented and invited her to go back home. She agreed to so relieved that I but then a grin could not resist. Home everything went according to plan further. She limped through the door, into the living room, and threw himself on a chair, stretched, so to speak all fours. But at least her feet. Now it was for me to be fast.

In no time I was kneeling, even still winter coat, scarf and shoes, before the chair and helped her take off the new boots again. When I opened the zipper and it grazed the leather footwear of the feet, it flowed from a rather sharp smell; a mixture of new leather and the odor of sweaty feet. But she was so exhausted that her for once did not mind. I proved myself quite as cavalier, took her feet, still in nylons, in my lap and began to massage them very tender. She moaned with delight. That's just what I had you said many times when I nudged again towards fetish and foot worship that as a foot massage is something pleasant for them.

But it then took even a whole afternoon walking around in too small and new shoes, so she finally allowed me to massage her feet! Now, where it was finally so far, I really enjoyed the course to the fullest. My fingers were everywhere. On her heels on her instep, on the sole, toes. I kneaded everything thoroughly, and it seemed to do very well. As far was I really achieved what I had hoped for. But what happened then, I would have really can not imagine in my wildest dreams! After a while, when it again went my girlfriend better and their feet they probably did not hurt so bad, she wriggled properly with your feet around on my lap. It was not that I had the feeling that they want to leave, so I did the massage just continued.

Until then penetrated with their slides back and forth at once with his foot between my legs - and massaged my cock with the balls! The needed this massage not to stand; he had already done before. But rather it was me, of course, still; only to fairly even! My girlfriend had their fun at this footjob while I was still fully dressed. she had even more fun than it suddenly aroused the total me and I came - in my jeans. Since then, she suddenly discovered her preference for the foot fetish. You just have to know how to start it, then you get exactly what you want!

My Foot Fetish Story

Note this story contains: Lesbians, Bisexual Girls, Footjobs, Blowjobs, Handjobs, etc.


The two girls, Sara and Amy, were sitting on the couch at the party. They had finally graduated high school and were spending time with their friends. Everyone except them had a little too much to drink and were a little crazy. They decided to go into the back room to chill.

This was Amy’s chance, she’d been bisexual forever. She also had a foot fetish and Sara’s size 6 feet and small black painted toes were enough to send her into an orgasm. Sara’s body was also extremely beautiful and her tanned legs also showed. Amy and Sara sat on a bed and talked.

Then Sara said her feet hurt from wearing heels all the time and Amy took the chance and she gave her a massage. A terrific odor came from them that turned Amy on. She kept rubbing Sara’s tanned feet and inhaling their smell. Sara moaned in pleasure, “Ahhh, that feels so good. Damn, I wish that douchebag Todd would do this.”

“Hey, what are friends for?” Amy said, totally stunned by her beautiful toes and feet and the odor. Amy could not resist anymore and slid her toes in her mouth. She licked and sucked while semiconscious Sara sat back unaware of what was really happening. Amy fingered her wet swollen clit until she came and Sara was asleep.

Then Amy slid her panties up and licked and fingered her pussy. She came and Amy licked her juices up. Then Sara woke up.


Amy then got up embarrassed.

Sara furious slammed Amy into the headboard. She tied her up and left her there.

“Sara, I’m sorry. I could not help myself.”

But Sara instead went down on Amy’s feet. Amy had white colored toes. Amy knew her feet stunk really bad, but Sara said nothing. Amy fingered herself until she came again. Sara was really enjoying her toes. Then they both placed their feet in each other’s face and sucked all night long and rubbed clits together, cumming multiple times.


Sara and Amy had spent much fucking time together after that. Todd had been going over Sara’s house to hang out when they were in the middle of an intense foot fucking session.


“Todd, I can explain,” Sara pleaded.

“NO, THERE’S NO EXPLAINING. You can’t have a foot fetish party without inviting me.”

That’s weird.

Todd then sucked on Sara’s now French toes and Amy’s green toes. He stroked his cock while doing so. Amy then stroked his dick with her feet. “I saw this on a foot fetish website.”

Todd moaned.

They did that same thing for a few minutes until Todd was placed on the floor and he received a double footjob. Sara and Amy kissed each other while doing so. Then Todd ate Amy out while she sucked Sara’s toes and pussy. Then Todd penetrated Amy and he fucked her while she fucked Sara. Her fresh pussy was tight and gave Todd lots of pleasure. He was closed to cumming, but forgot his condoms so he had to take out and they gave him a footjob together until he came. Then they cleaned each other’s toes and stroked his sensitive penis and removed the remaining cum as he moaned in pleasure. Todd left satisfied.

Sara and Amy went into the shower and sucked toes, pussy, aand tits, and even had a strap-on together.


Sara and Amy were hanging out in their college dorm when their roommate Alicia came in. She was so secretive. She never showered with the other girls and always wore clothes that hid her body. She had an amazing body though and had incredible feet.

Her toes were light blue all the time. Amy’s toes happened to be pink and Sara’s toes happened to be black again.

One time when Alicia was showering late at night Amy and Sara went into the bathroom. They were going to fuck in there but did not know Alicia was in there. Alicia was getting out of the shower when they opened the door.

Then they were shocked. Alicia has a cock. And it was big as hell.

Alicia wrapped a towel around her and quickly tied the girls up hands feet and mouth.

“Don’t say anything please!”


“Why should I believe you?”

Sara ripped out of her bonds and got on her knees and sucked Alicia’s cock. Alicia moaned loudly. Sara removed Amy’s bonds and they both began to suck her cock.

“Guys, I have a confession,” Alicia said.


“I have a foot fetish and wanna suck your toes.”

Amy and Sara sat on the toilet while Alicia sucked their toes. Sara gave her a footjob and she moaned loudly. Amy smothered her with her delicious toes and Alicia moaned loudly. Sara sucked again with powerful strokes and Alicia could not take anymore. “I’m cumming!”

Sara and Amy placed their feet by her cock and she came long and strong over there toes. They licked the cum clean and sucked her beautiful blue toes.

Alicia could still last though.

She put her cock inside Sara and sucked her toes while Amy fed Sara her toes and fingered herself. They all came together at the same time after a while and licked the cum off Sara’s body. Then they were done.



Foot fetish Stories - Teacher' s Toes

This happened when I was 19 years old. I studied science and technologies. It was a Friday afternoon and my last class was 135 of Biology. My Biology teacher was a skinny blonde, size 9 wearing beautiful 30 year old woman. Every boy in the school dreamed to someday have sex with her, while knowing that it would never happen. I have a foot fetish ever since I can remember; I always loved big woman feet, size 8 minimum. And while I had never seen my Biology teacher’s feet, at least without her boots on, I dreamt awake about worshiping them every day and night, it was my favorite fantasy. And go figure…

That day, as the class ended and she told us our homework, she told me to help her with something. As I cleaned the blackboard, she locked the door and I was getting nervous and stressed because I also had to catch the bus. And I asked myself millions of times why she locked us in the classroom? Then she spoke…

- “Look, Edward, I called your mother and I asked her to come pick you up later, because I’d be giving you some help with Biology. I know you have been quite..distracted lately. I noticed where you’ve been looking at…”
I turned around and took a look at her as she was laying herself back on her desk.

- “I haven’t been distracted!...”
- “My boots, huh? Do they turn you on, little Ed?”

I was terrified, how could she know? My mother was going to find out about all of this… I thought I was doomed. She walked slowly toward me as I tried to walk backwards until I hit the wall, what now?…
- “Yeah I found out your little secret…”
- “What?.. Uhh, I don’t know… I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

She got closer to me until her chest hit mine, I could feel her tits on my chest… But the problem was when I found out she could feel my rock-hard cock against her vagina… She looked shocked! Her mouth was open wide, and then she smirked…
- “Seems like this is turning you on as well, huh?”
- “Wh.. What?”
- “Stop acting like that…”
- “Acti…Like what?”

- “Stop pretending that you don’t know what I’m talking about. Now if your Biology grade means anything to you, listen and obey to what I tell you…”

I couldn’t say no. First because I needed a halfway decent Biology mark, man, I sucked at Biology, and second because it was my freaking dream coming true. She grabbed a chair and put it in front of me, then sat me on it.
- “Let’s play a game. Every piece of clothes I strip you of, you strip me of next…”
She did what I so wanted her to do… She started unlacing my sneakers. I didn’t care about mine, but I cared about hers, and you can’t even imagine how much. She took both of them off, and then put her left foot right between my legs, on the chair… I started unzipping them, dying to take a glimpse at her size 9 feet… And then I did… As I took her beige leather boot off, I saw her naked foot, and it was so perfect, I almost couldn’t resist, so she took it away in the right time… And then put her right foot where the other had been as I threw her left boot away and started unzipping the right…
- “Like this it’s a bit boring…”
- “What is boring?”
- “Just do what I tell you, alright?”

I nodded… And threw away the other boot, she got herself a chair and sat right in front of me, she stuck the foot right in front of my nose… I was so excited, so fucking horny, I couldn’t believe it was happening to me!

- “Do everything you dreamt about doing with my feet, and then I will repay you…”
Repay me? I should be repaying HER! But I didn’t mind at all… I grabbed her foot and licked it all from the heel to the toes, then sucked on her toes violently, and she moaned and groaned. I opened my eyes to see my own teacher rubbing her pussy inside those tight jeans of hers…
- “Oh… OH… I’m loving this so much!... Keep going… Keep going!”
I grabbed her other foot, which was a bit dirty from being on the floor but I didn’t mind at all, quite the opposite. I kissed and smelled it all before I started licking her soles and sucking on her toes like there was no tomorrow… It was the best day of my life…
- “Oh my God… Take your jeans off…”
I got up and took my jeans off, and my socks. And she was taking hers as I helped her and stripped her right off… Then her shirt… And she took mine, than I sat back on the chair and she started rubbing her foot against my cock…

- “It’s so fucking hard… So good…”

She started giving me a footjob, can you believe it? She took my boxers off with her feet and then jacked me off with both her soles until I came on them… That made her maybe a little bit too horny, she grabbed her foot and started licking it off…
- “Fuck me, Edward… FUCK ME!!!”
I jumped on her and stripped her bra off and sucked and licked her tits as I rubbed her pussy inside her panties… Then I started kissing her belly as I went down…
- “Stop with all that shit! Just fuck me now… Just fuck me!!”

I almost ripped her panties off and started sucking on her pussy as hard and good as I could. I liked it all inside out and she came on my mouth, it felt so good! I went back to her feet as I licked them and sucked on them and kissed them, I almost didn’t know what to do with them! I sucked on her arches and on her big toe… It was the best! Then I lied on the floor as she threw me down, and started sucking my cock as hard as she could! Then she sat on top of it and she moaned loudly as fuck… I have no idea how we weren’t caught that day… She was going up and down, up and down on me. I fucked her like nobody ever fucked anyone… It was simply magnificent. No words can define it… It was just way too fucking good… I came inside her mouth and on her feet after that… And every Friday I stayed late with her and repeated….


Fetish Girls - Queen4u


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Purelovelaura the foot fetish girl

Thewolfmaam's foot fetish

Foot fetish girl, Wvelyne92

Sonyanew111 the foot fetish lady

Cristydoll the foot fetish girl

Foot fetish with Maturemikl


Summer Foot Fetih 2.

Ali had felt the urge to explain herself though . How she just couldn't help herself when the opportunity arose and had to seize the moment while there was a chance , she'd had this attraction which in due course and with no outlet had started to border on an obsession for Summer's feet for some time . One day she'd found herself totally mesmerized by the beauty of her feet as she wandered around barefoot , she'd looked many times before but this time something inside clicked and she had been shocked to find herself feeling very aroused . Ali couldn't help herself imagining how good it would be to be able to slowly and tenderly worship every single aspect of Summer's feet . 

She had felt confused at first and found her attraction a bit bizarre to say the least , she didn't have these sort of feelings for any of her other female friends and really feet of all things but the more she looked the more obvious it became that her feelings were only getting greater and the more it came to occupy her thoughts until she felt unable to control herself any longer . Summer had just hugged her friend tightly , whispered thank you in her ear and told her that as far as she was concerned she was free to do what she had done last night whenever she wanted , that it had been without a shadow of a doubt the single most sensual and erotic experience of her life and that she hoped that after all the waiting that it had been as good for Ali as she'd built it up to be in her head , the beaming grin and the twinkle in Ali's eyes spoke volumes . 

They had many repeat encounters over the following weeks each one more more delightful to Summer than the last until regretfully Ali hooked up with a man who didn't mess her around and was clearly as smitten with her as she was with him . Summer was of course totally ecstatic for her friend but missed the attention to her feet and today had actually been the first time since that either of them had mentioned it out loud since . She had of course caught Ali glancing down many times subsequently when they spent time together , the habit obviously hard to break completely , and had to hide a little smile each time remembering those times they'd shared and secretly glad that her friend hadn't forgotten either .

The young man whose name was Rob would most probably have choked on his coffee there and then in a mix of overwhelming surprise and absolute delight if he'd had any idea of how lucky he was going to get that day . How he would meet the woman of his wildest dreams and that their wants and needs would fit together so perfectly . He didn't know it yet but Summer had been searching for a man with his particular likes for a while now as much as he'd been searching for the open minded adventurous young lady he'd found who would more than happily enjoy them with him .

Summer snapped back into the here and now and wondered how she could act upon this possible opening . Would he be shy about what he wanted ? How could she not scare him off ? There was definitely a growing attraction between them , the little looks and smiles getting more frequent and blatant . Once again she decided to make the first move if circumstance allowed and attempted to form a plan . She spoke to Ali .

“ Hey , is there any chance you could grab another couple of drinks , maybe give me a few minutes to work some magic ? “ 
“ Yeah of course , I'll grab us a snack as well yeah ? “ 

“ Cool that sounds great , thanks “

“ No problem , so what have you got in mind ? “

“ Try as I might I've still absolutely no idea “ she laughed to her friend .

“ Well good luck , see you in a few “ Ali gave her a hug and wandered back into the shop .

Summer and Rob continued gazing at each other for about a minute before he got up went over to her table and luckily her need for a plan evaporated into thin air .

“ Hi again , sorry I never introduced myself properly , I'm Rob “ 

“ Hi again yourself “ Summer beamed back at him “ I'm Summer “

He gave a little laugh and smiled “ That's a very fitting name for such a lovely young lady , definitely my favourite season all of a sudden “

Summer blushed , somewhat taken aback at his boldness but secretly happy at the same time , her mind raced with future possibilities . She decided to fight fire with fire .

“ Thank you kind sir , that's the nicest thing any ones said to me in a long while , that's very charming “

“ Thanks , I do try from time to time “

“ Well this time you've definitely succeeded , you feeling any better ? “ 

“ Yeah slowly but surely getting there , I was wondering if I could use your lighter again , got a few minutes left to kill , may as well get as much nicotine into my bloodstream while I still can “ 

“ Sounds like a plan that does “

Summer reached over for her cigarettes pulled two out and handed one to Rob .

“ Oh cheers , you didn't have to do that “

“ It's fine , you're welcome “

She lit up and went to hand over the lighter but then purposefully let it fall to the floor , she made as though she would pick it up but Rob was already on his way . He ended up on one knee before her , put his hand slowly round the lighter his eyes fixed again on her amazing feet relishing the chance to be so close to them. Time seemed to slow as she spoke next and his body either couldn't or didn't want to move from where it was . He looked up to see Summer smiling sweetly down at him .

“ I'm so sorry I'm very clumsy sometimes “

“ That's fine , I was enjoying the view anyway “

Summer bit her lip in hopeful anticipation and went for broke .

“ Really ? See something you like down there ? “

He didn't know what was happening , it was almost as if she was inviting him to compliment her feet but this was uncharted territory for Rob . He'd made no secret of his liking for feet with previous girlfriends and apart from one horrendous experience it had been cautiously welcomed or at least tolerated until eventually they had been won over but each time he'd had to show them the power that their feet could hold and after that things usually improved no end . 

Summer though was very different , he was sure that she knew she had amazing feet and also knew how to use them but with her this went further like she was specifically looking for someone like him even needed someone like him in her life , although at the back of his mind he desperately hoped she wasn't just messing with him , to make him come out and say it just to ridicule and embarrass him right here on the street . 

Later looking back he wasn't sure whether it was the fact that he was maybe still drunk or ridiculously hungover but it was a beautiful day , he was half kneeling before this perfect vision and hell nothing ventured nothing gained and really he had very little to lose . Rob like Summer decided to throw caution to the wind , be honest and see what came of it as he spoke . He stuttered a little at first breathless and excited full of adrenalin .

“ Yeah something I like very much “ he looked Summer directly in the eye “ Has anyone told you before that you have the most beautiful feet in the world ? “

Summer could have exploded with joy , her day went from great to spectacular with that single sentence .

“ Thank you , I think you've just outdone your previous compliment , yeah it's been pointed out to me that I might have fairly nice looking feet once or twice “

“ Fairly nice would really be doing such perfection a bit of a disservice to be honest , I'd give anything to get just even ten minutes near your feet “

Summer blushed a little at the string of compliments , a little amazed although extremely pleased he had the guts to just come right out with it right here in public like that . She decided some gentle teasing was the order of the day .

“ I reckon I could free up ten minutes or so in my busy schedule , give you an interview see if you have the skills for the job so to speak “

“ Believe me I definitely have the particular talents I think you'd benefit from “ he grinned up at her “ Plus you wont even have to pay me “ he teased back .

“ Ha ha , very good , well myself and my feet are very much looking forward to seeing if you can walk the walk as well as you talk the talk “

“ So when would you like to interview me then , I'm free later at some point when the boss returns “

“ Lets see , well it seems that a window is suddenly free this evening , how about you take me out for a drink then we can get down to exploring these talents of yours “

At this point Summer slowly slid off her sandals and crossed her legs , her left foot was now directly in front of Rob's face while she moved the right one and placed it gently on his hand which was still on the floor wrapped around the dropped lighter . His eyes went wide with amazement and wasn't sure which one to concentrate on , the one tantalisingly within kissing distance or the one that felt so wonderful and soft which was presently being run up and down his hand . Summer wriggled her toes in his face and then using her big toe traced a line down his nose before delicately pushing his face back with her foot she then uncrossed her legs before slipping her sandal back on but continuing to stroke his hand with the other foot .

“ Was that as good for you as it was for me “ Summer asked him quietly . Rob was speechless , he could only nod in total agreement , that had possibly been the most amazing couple of seconds of his life but seemed so unbelievable that his brain was having trouble processing the enormity of just how cool that had been .

Although it was early morning and it was pretty quiet there was still a few people passing by looking at Summer and Rob and giving them puzzled glances but they were so wrapped up in each other neither of them noticed let alone cared . Rob looked at his watch which he wore on the wrist attached to the hand which was still under Summer's foot . He realised he was now close to running late and would have to go soon although he would have happily stayed in this position forever . He almost whispered .

“ Hey I've really got to go , I'm so sorry I'd absolutely love to stay here in front of you like this all day if I had my choice “

“ That's okay , I would have enjoyed that very much as well , believe me “

“ So , how do I get my hand back ? “

Summer laughed quietly and looked at him with real warmth , she really liked this guy and really couldn't wait to meet up with him again later . She had a brainwave and decided to throw out a little test for Rob and really hoped he'd go for it .

“ I'm sorry I'd almost forgotten about that , your hand feels so lovely , well lets see , I reckon a little kiss might do the trick “

“ Okay a kiss it is then “ Rob answered without hesitation , he moved and shifted his balance and knelt properly before her , bowed his head and gave the top of her foot just above the toes the most tender and passionate kiss it had ever received .

Summer beamed fit to burst , overwhelmed that Rob would kneel before her and kiss her foot with such reverence outside in the open with people watching . She moved her foot away releasing his hand and put her other sandal back on . She teased him again with good humour .

“ See that did it , I especially enjoyed the kneeling bit “

“ My pleasure , I can't wait to be able to do it again “ he replied constantly giving as good as he got loving the easy going banter that was already building between them . He got up , lit his cigarette and handed the lighter back to Summer . In return she wrote her number on a nearby napkin and gave it to Rob .

“ Ring me when you get finished “

“ Sure you can free yourself up ? “ he joked to her .

“ Well , it might be a struggle but for you I'll find a way “ she grinned back . With that he gathered his things and wandered off looking back flashing her a cheeky smile as he went .

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Summer Foot Fetish 1.

It was a gorgeous early August morning , not a cloud in sight in the clear blues skies . Summer and her best friend Ali were casually strolling around town attempting to shop before the heat of the day arrived in all it's glory . Neither of them had any particular agenda for the day , no lists or plans , just happy to have a day free to wander aimlessly window shopping or whatever chatting about life , love and the universe .They went into the local drug store , Summer bought some nail polish while Ali printed off some photos from a memory stick .

“ Hey , do you want to hit the record store , I just remembered that band that Tilly was raving about , might drop in and see if they have anything “ Summer suggested .

“ Sure , it's not like were really on a mission here is it , fancy grabbing a coffee first though , might spur us on into something approaching first gear “ Ali laughed .

“ Yeah that sounds good , first gear be dammed today for all I care , but all this undirected mooching is definitely kicking up a thirst “ Summer joked back .

They headed down the street to the nearby Starbucks and ordered a couple of large iced black coffees . They went outside and sat down at a table that had a huge umbrella nearby and settled back to people watch and relax in the cooling shade . Summer sparked up a cigarette and stretched out as she pulled the smoke into her lungs and exhaled loudly and at length .

Ali looked at her with a mock grumpy face .

“ Do you have to do that quite so loudly ? “ 

“ Do what ? “ Summer replied acting surprised .

“ Ha ha , you know full well what “ 

“ Hey , we can't all be quitters you know , some of us are in this for the long haul “ 

Ali shook her head in disbelief but was also grinning .

“ Shit , I'd love one of those right now “ 

“ Nobody's stopping you “ Summer teased as she wafted the cigarette under Ali's nose .

“ Okay , stop it now , you're dreadful at being supportive you know right ? “ 

Summer just pulled a face and stuck her tongue out laughed and the girls continued chatting about everything and nothing . They were so involved in their conversation they paid little attention to anything else until another voice broke in .

“ Hi , is there any chance I could borrow your lighter please ? “ 

They both looked up to see the reasonably dishevelled but undeniably good looking young man in front of them .

Summer smiled a radiant smile at him .

“ Of course , anything for someone who asks so nicely “ she said , instantly flirting with all her might .

Ali choked back a laugh as she watched the Summer charm offensive swing into action , something that happened on a pretty regular basis yet never got old .

“ Thanks , sorry to break up your conversation ladies but desperate times and all that “ the young man grinned .

Summer handed over the lighter . 

“ I hope you don't mind me saying but you kind of look totally the worse for wear “ 

“ Ah , tell me about it , heavy heavy night , very possibly still a bit drunk to be honest came to on the floor about twenty minutes ago phone going off , boss begging me to open the store so he can sort out his divorce or some major shit like that , just headed out in a daze with what was left in my pockets from last night “ .

“ Sounds like my kind of night that does “ 

The young man checked himself down and laughed .

“ Yeah it was fun , nothing broken it seems but also no keys or lighter . Crap , can't even get in after my shift until my flatmate gets back “ . He shook his fist at the sky whilst cursing a god that had invented tequila .

“ Anyway , thanks for the light apologies again , I'll leave you alone while I go and feel very sorry for myself over here “ .

“ You're welcome , hope you start to feel a bit more human fairly soon “ .

“ Cheers , me too , it was nice meeting you both “ .

He went and sat a couple of tables along smoked his cigarette , drank a vast amount of espresso and tried very hard and utterly unsuccessfully not to keep glancing over at Summer and Ali , they were both stunning but it was Summer who was really grabbing his attention . She had long blonde hair which framed her amazingly pretty face , the sun had given her a lovely warm all over tan which brought out the freckles on her nose and cheeks and helped highlight her sparkling blue eyes and glowing smile . She gave off a relaxed cool vibe , like the hottest girl next door who could ever hope to meet , someone you could both party with until the sun came up as well as someone you could tell your most intimate secrets . 

As his head began to clear a little bit he started to take in little details about her , the way she threw her head back as she laughed , how she smoked her cigarettes like each one could be the last , watched as she placed her perfect lips round her straw to take a drink , saw her hair as it flowed down over her shoulders down to her wonderful shapely breasts , saw how the gorgeous light blue summer dress she was wearing gently rippled in the light breeze , noticed the lovingly rendered ink of the tattoos she had on her shoulder and down her arm . 

The more he looked over the more captivated he became , she was truly something else , he guessed she was about 5 8” , slim but curvy in all the right places , toned as if she spent just enough time at the gym or exercising without overdoing it , then as she shifted position he caught sight of the last piece of the puzzle and his heart missed a beat . 

As Summer stretched out her long statuesque legs she revealed the most beautiful pair of feet he had ever seen in his life and he had definitely checked out more than his share . They were also tanned , size 6 he reckoned , utterly gorgeous and well looked after . She had perfectly shaped and proportioned toes , high arches and soft rounded heels , she had been told many times that she had great looking feet and therefore spent a good deal of time making sure they looked and felt wonderful , using moisturiser and getting regular pedicures . That morning she had showered trimmed her nails and applied a light pink polish to them , the colour complimented the tan perfectly as if they had been made specifically for each other . On them she wore a pair of expensive but understated flat sandals .

He tried his best not to keep looking and staring but it was as though he was drawn to her as a moth is to light and the more he tried to focus on anything else the stronger the compulsion to glance over returned and in the end he just gave up and surrendered to its grip . This didn't go unnoticed by Ali and especially by Summer who was doing a fair amount of glancing back over herself but what really caught their attention after a little while was where his gaze always ended before he flicked his eyes up or looked away again , trying and failing miserably to make some attempt to make it look like he wasn't already infatuated with Summer and her feet .

“ Hey , he is so checking you out “ Ali whispered into her friends ear excitedly “ And if I'm not mistaken he's definitely checking out one body part more than the others “

“ Do you really think ? That would be so cool “ Summer whispered back with mounting excitement “ . She ran her fingers down her friends arm looked her in the eyes and they laughed together at a warm shared memory .

“ Well he's going to be a very lucky young man if that is what he's into and I think I might even find myself being somewhat envious “. 

Ali's remark instantly put her back in time and she let her mind drift to the event that was making this encounter with this young man so important for her .

Summer and Ali had been friends for a long time , shared everything and had no secrets between them . It was this bond that had led to a night of drunken experimentation about a year previously which had been a revelation for Summer . She'd always had sensitive feet , not really ticklish as such more that they were connected to feelings of pleasure but as the night progressed she found out just how much this was true , way more than she could ever have realised and once this door had been opened well there was never any way back . 

She relished being barefoot always finding a way to shake off her shoes and go walking on grass , scrunching up her toes on a soft carpet or running through sand on the beach . On the night in question they had been out drowning their sorrows over the latest blokes who had let them down , both quite drunk they had ended up at Ali's flat talking out their feelings laughing about how this was the last time they would let themselves get screwed over in love . Feeling very chilled Summer had relaxed on the sofa and had been pretty surprised of herself and her friend in two ways . Firstly when they locked eyes and something unspoken passed between them and secondly that not only did she not pull away when Ali hesitantly moved in and kissed her tenderly on the lips but that she responded in kind . 

They kissed lost in each other for a while before Ali started to move down Summer's body caressing , stroking and kissing as she went before finally reaching her feet . Summer watched transfixed as her friend looked at her feet as if she'd just been handed the keys to the kingdom . Ali planted what was to be the first of many many kisses on Summer's foot . Summer was amazed to see her friend willingly kneeling on the floor kissing her foot , she started to speak telling Ali that she didn't need to do that , embarrassed that they might smell , confused as to why her friend obviously wanted maybe even needed given the look in her eye to be at her feet. 

Ali confessed quietly that this was something she'd actually desired to do for ages , she wasn't really sure why she felt this way but couldn't help herself even if she wanted to . That Summer had the most gorgeous feet she'd ever seen and as she put her nose under Summer's toes and inhaled at length told her that she had nothing to worry about , what little smell there was was not a problem for her as she conveyed to Summer that her feet would no doubt smell almost as good as they looked even if they were less than clean . Nothing on earth would have stopped her now she was this close . 

Summer was lost for words and was thinking of asking Ali to stop but she couldn't deny the small shiver of pleasure she'd felt as Ali had put her nose to her toes , she started to speak but Ali just told her to lay back and enjoy , that this was something they'd both love . All doubts were removed seconds later as Ali ran her wet tongue slowly along the entire length of Summer's foot . She'd never felt anything so sublime in all her life and the feelings only intensified as Ali went to town over the objects of her passion . 

They had no idea how much time passed that night , each of them lost in their own little worlds . Summer eventually couldn't help but bring herself to the most amazing climax she'd ever had as Ali gently and deliberately took her time alternating between kissing , licking , nibbling and sucking every millimetre of Summer's amazing feet . They woke the next morning on the sofa wrapped in each others arms , feeling closer together than ever . They had breakfast and spoke honestly and at length about the what had happened the previous night . They both found themselves a little shocked that there was very little tension or weirdness in the air between them instead they were laughing and joking about the whole thing as they always did about everything else . 

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