Summer Foot Fetih 2.

Ali had felt the urge to explain herself though . How she just couldn't help herself when the opportunity arose and had to seize the moment while there was a chance , she'd had this attraction which in due course and with no outlet had started to border on an obsession for Summer's feet for some time . One day she'd found herself totally mesmerized by the beauty of her feet as she wandered around barefoot , she'd looked many times before but this time something inside clicked and she had been shocked to find herself feeling very aroused . Ali couldn't help herself imagining how good it would be to be able to slowly and tenderly worship every single aspect of Summer's feet . 

She had felt confused at first and found her attraction a bit bizarre to say the least , she didn't have these sort of feelings for any of her other female friends and really feet of all things but the more she looked the more obvious it became that her feelings were only getting greater and the more it came to occupy her thoughts until she felt unable to control herself any longer . Summer had just hugged her friend tightly , whispered thank you in her ear and told her that as far as she was concerned she was free to do what she had done last night whenever she wanted , that it had been without a shadow of a doubt the single most sensual and erotic experience of her life and that she hoped that after all the waiting that it had been as good for Ali as she'd built it up to be in her head , the beaming grin and the twinkle in Ali's eyes spoke volumes . 

They had many repeat encounters over the following weeks each one more more delightful to Summer than the last until regretfully Ali hooked up with a man who didn't mess her around and was clearly as smitten with her as she was with him . Summer was of course totally ecstatic for her friend but missed the attention to her feet and today had actually been the first time since that either of them had mentioned it out loud since . She had of course caught Ali glancing down many times subsequently when they spent time together , the habit obviously hard to break completely , and had to hide a little smile each time remembering those times they'd shared and secretly glad that her friend hadn't forgotten either .

The young man whose name was Rob would most probably have choked on his coffee there and then in a mix of overwhelming surprise and absolute delight if he'd had any idea of how lucky he was going to get that day . How he would meet the woman of his wildest dreams and that their wants and needs would fit together so perfectly . He didn't know it yet but Summer had been searching for a man with his particular likes for a while now as much as he'd been searching for the open minded adventurous young lady he'd found who would more than happily enjoy them with him .

Summer snapped back into the here and now and wondered how she could act upon this possible opening . Would he be shy about what he wanted ? How could she not scare him off ? There was definitely a growing attraction between them , the little looks and smiles getting more frequent and blatant . Once again she decided to make the first move if circumstance allowed and attempted to form a plan . She spoke to Ali .

“ Hey , is there any chance you could grab another couple of drinks , maybe give me a few minutes to work some magic ? “ 
“ Yeah of course , I'll grab us a snack as well yeah ? “ 

“ Cool that sounds great , thanks “

“ No problem , so what have you got in mind ? “

“ Try as I might I've still absolutely no idea “ she laughed to her friend .

“ Well good luck , see you in a few “ Ali gave her a hug and wandered back into the shop .

Summer and Rob continued gazing at each other for about a minute before he got up went over to her table and luckily her need for a plan evaporated into thin air .

“ Hi again , sorry I never introduced myself properly , I'm Rob “ 

“ Hi again yourself “ Summer beamed back at him “ I'm Summer “

He gave a little laugh and smiled “ That's a very fitting name for such a lovely young lady , definitely my favourite season all of a sudden “

Summer blushed , somewhat taken aback at his boldness but secretly happy at the same time , her mind raced with future possibilities . She decided to fight fire with fire .

“ Thank you kind sir , that's the nicest thing any ones said to me in a long while , that's very charming “

“ Thanks , I do try from time to time “

“ Well this time you've definitely succeeded , you feeling any better ? “ 

“ Yeah slowly but surely getting there , I was wondering if I could use your lighter again , got a few minutes left to kill , may as well get as much nicotine into my bloodstream while I still can “ 

“ Sounds like a plan that does “

Summer reached over for her cigarettes pulled two out and handed one to Rob .

“ Oh cheers , you didn't have to do that “

“ It's fine , you're welcome “

She lit up and went to hand over the lighter but then purposefully let it fall to the floor , she made as though she would pick it up but Rob was already on his way . He ended up on one knee before her , put his hand slowly round the lighter his eyes fixed again on her amazing feet relishing the chance to be so close to them. Time seemed to slow as she spoke next and his body either couldn't or didn't want to move from where it was . He looked up to see Summer smiling sweetly down at him .

“ I'm so sorry I'm very clumsy sometimes “

“ That's fine , I was enjoying the view anyway “

Summer bit her lip in hopeful anticipation and went for broke .

“ Really ? See something you like down there ? “

He didn't know what was happening , it was almost as if she was inviting him to compliment her feet but this was uncharted territory for Rob . He'd made no secret of his liking for feet with previous girlfriends and apart from one horrendous experience it had been cautiously welcomed or at least tolerated until eventually they had been won over but each time he'd had to show them the power that their feet could hold and after that things usually improved no end . 

Summer though was very different , he was sure that she knew she had amazing feet and also knew how to use them but with her this went further like she was specifically looking for someone like him even needed someone like him in her life , although at the back of his mind he desperately hoped she wasn't just messing with him , to make him come out and say it just to ridicule and embarrass him right here on the street . 

Later looking back he wasn't sure whether it was the fact that he was maybe still drunk or ridiculously hungover but it was a beautiful day , he was half kneeling before this perfect vision and hell nothing ventured nothing gained and really he had very little to lose . Rob like Summer decided to throw caution to the wind , be honest and see what came of it as he spoke . He stuttered a little at first breathless and excited full of adrenalin .

“ Yeah something I like very much “ he looked Summer directly in the eye “ Has anyone told you before that you have the most beautiful feet in the world ? “

Summer could have exploded with joy , her day went from great to spectacular with that single sentence .

“ Thank you , I think you've just outdone your previous compliment , yeah it's been pointed out to me that I might have fairly nice looking feet once or twice “

“ Fairly nice would really be doing such perfection a bit of a disservice to be honest , I'd give anything to get just even ten minutes near your feet “

Summer blushed a little at the string of compliments , a little amazed although extremely pleased he had the guts to just come right out with it right here in public like that . She decided some gentle teasing was the order of the day .

“ I reckon I could free up ten minutes or so in my busy schedule , give you an interview see if you have the skills for the job so to speak “

“ Believe me I definitely have the particular talents I think you'd benefit from “ he grinned up at her “ Plus you wont even have to pay me “ he teased back .

“ Ha ha , very good , well myself and my feet are very much looking forward to seeing if you can walk the walk as well as you talk the talk “

“ So when would you like to interview me then , I'm free later at some point when the boss returns “

“ Lets see , well it seems that a window is suddenly free this evening , how about you take me out for a drink then we can get down to exploring these talents of yours “

At this point Summer slowly slid off her sandals and crossed her legs , her left foot was now directly in front of Rob's face while she moved the right one and placed it gently on his hand which was still on the floor wrapped around the dropped lighter . His eyes went wide with amazement and wasn't sure which one to concentrate on , the one tantalisingly within kissing distance or the one that felt so wonderful and soft which was presently being run up and down his hand . Summer wriggled her toes in his face and then using her big toe traced a line down his nose before delicately pushing his face back with her foot she then uncrossed her legs before slipping her sandal back on but continuing to stroke his hand with the other foot .

“ Was that as good for you as it was for me “ Summer asked him quietly . Rob was speechless , he could only nod in total agreement , that had possibly been the most amazing couple of seconds of his life but seemed so unbelievable that his brain was having trouble processing the enormity of just how cool that had been .

Although it was early morning and it was pretty quiet there was still a few people passing by looking at Summer and Rob and giving them puzzled glances but they were so wrapped up in each other neither of them noticed let alone cared . Rob looked at his watch which he wore on the wrist attached to the hand which was still under Summer's foot . He realised he was now close to running late and would have to go soon although he would have happily stayed in this position forever . He almost whispered .

“ Hey I've really got to go , I'm so sorry I'd absolutely love to stay here in front of you like this all day if I had my choice “

“ That's okay , I would have enjoyed that very much as well , believe me “

“ So , how do I get my hand back ? “

Summer laughed quietly and looked at him with real warmth , she really liked this guy and really couldn't wait to meet up with him again later . She had a brainwave and decided to throw out a little test for Rob and really hoped he'd go for it .

“ I'm sorry I'd almost forgotten about that , your hand feels so lovely , well lets see , I reckon a little kiss might do the trick “

“ Okay a kiss it is then “ Rob answered without hesitation , he moved and shifted his balance and knelt properly before her , bowed his head and gave the top of her foot just above the toes the most tender and passionate kiss it had ever received .

Summer beamed fit to burst , overwhelmed that Rob would kneel before her and kiss her foot with such reverence outside in the open with people watching . She moved her foot away releasing his hand and put her other sandal back on . She teased him again with good humour .

“ See that did it , I especially enjoyed the kneeling bit “

“ My pleasure , I can't wait to be able to do it again “ he replied constantly giving as good as he got loving the easy going banter that was already building between them . He got up , lit his cigarette and handed the lighter back to Summer . In return she wrote her number on a nearby napkin and gave it to Rob .

“ Ring me when you get finished “

“ Sure you can free yourself up ? “ he joked to her .

“ Well , it might be a struggle but for you I'll find a way “ she grinned back . With that he gathered his things and wandered off looking back flashing her a cheeky smile as he went .

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